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At Sonshine Express, we strive to nurture the growth of the whole child through faith, love, play, learning experiences and partnering with families.

We believe:

  • that critical physical, social, emotional and spiritual development takes place in the first 6 years.
  • that a child learns through creative discovery, experiences, and instruction by loving, patient, and experienced teachers.
  • a child’s best education is a balance of play and structured lessons.
  • God’s Word is our model for a Christ-centered life as we support and pray for our students and their families.

Classes & Programs Offered:


3’s Class 



Lunch & Play

Create & Play

Additional Resources:

Registration Form

New Families Registration Information

Parent Handbook 2018-2019



For more information about Sonshine Express Preschool or to schedule a tour contact:

Jenn Domingo
(503) 635-3761
[email protected]
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