Our hope as a ministry team is to create an environment that not only engages kids, but their parents and families too. We are passionate about partnering with parents to help them plant seeds of faith into their family’s everyday lives, especially during those early years. 
We meet on Sunday mornings during the 11am service. When you arrive, we will help you get your kids checked in before heading to class. Elementary students start in the main service with their parents and get dismissed with their teachers after worship.


Birth-2 years


3-5 Year Olds


1st-5th Grade

Kara's Corner


As a Type A/1 control freak, I am a doer and the idea of just sitting and being still sounds ludicrous to me. However, Psalm 46:10 calls us to “Be still, and know that I am God.” In theory, the notion to “be still” sounds simple, but it is a huge challenge for many of us and yet so necessary for us to live out our full potential as follower s of Christ. In a world where everything moves at such a fast pace and pressures us to always strive for more, it can be difficult to even find the time and space to just be still, let alone enjoy it. There’s always something vying for our attention whether it be work, friendships, children, family, household chores, media, you name it. But there is a profound reason that God calls us to be still and be in His presence. When we make space for the stillness, something divine happens. We allow God to help us carry our burdens, we allow the Holy Spirit to fill us with pure joy, to heal our hearts, to hear God’s voice, and to become a vessel that shares the love of Jesus with those around us. Throughout his life, Jesus would often withdraw from the crowds to a place of solitude and pray. This was so crucial to his relationship with God, the Father. It’s where he found peace, guidance, reassurance, comfort and wisdom. God desires a deep, loving relationship with us and when we make space for the stillness, we allow him

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